Complex Media Launches ComplexCon Convention in Long Beach

Complex Media has announced that they’re launching their “ComplexCon” convention/festival this year. The event will take place November 5-6 at the Long Beach Convention Center.  The convention/festival is setup for attendees to focus on five major features; watch, listen, shop, taste and experience.  This will include art, food and live concerts.

Complex media brought on two heavy weights to be on their committee: Pharrell Williams and Takashi Murakami.  Williams will take on the role of cultural director and host committee chair, while Murakami will be in charge of ComplexCon’s brand identity.

Currently, ticket prices range from $35 for one day or $60 for both days. Keep in mind, the live concerts in the evening will be priced separately.

For more information you can check ComplexCon via their website

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