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Written & Images by Renita Clarke

Mac Miller’s newest album, “The Divine Feminine,” which entered the Billboard chart at No. 1 has been a surprise to folks, but not to me. I feel Miller is one of the biggest underestimate hip hop artist around. When I heard his “The Divine Feminine” tour was wrapping at Baltimore Soundstage, I had to go out to support. clockworkdjThe night kicked of with opening sets from ClockworkDJ & The Whooligan. Both dj’s dope in their own right. ClockworkDJ plays double duty on this tour because he also acts as Mac Miller’s dj. From ClockworkDJ video game samples and remixes to The Whooligans old school/ new school hip hop hits, the gentlemen had the crowd highly excited. I was definitely impressed by both sets.
thewhooliganMiller finally took the stage and opened with one of his track “Bird Call” & “Break the Law”. Miller dropped tracks “God is Fair, Sexy Nasty” , “We” & “Soulmate” from the Divine Feminine album.  Miller also payed homage to his classics like “Best Day Ever” and “Knock Knock.” The cherry on the sundae was the finale of “When in Rome”, which Miller had the crowd jumping and screaming for more.macmiler_02All in all Miller puts on a great energized show that appeals to his fan base, yet is welcoming to new fans. I hope folks gives this album and change. I feel this could be the crossover into mainstream Miller is looking for. I could definitely see Miller rocking 50,000 seat arena and world tours very soon!