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Animal House Tour Unleases on Rams Head Live

Written & Images by Renita Clarke

You don’t want to be late to this tour! As soon as we opened the door to the venue, we heard the chant for “Ape Drums”. You have to see him and the other phenomenal DJ’s live. All the opening DJ’s were unbelievable and Bro Safari just hits you in the face with a loud headlining set that takes over the crowd and sends them into shock…in an AWESOME way. You’re REALLY missing out if you don’t catch the tour when it hits your city.

The Animal House Tour exceeded EVERY expectation! We wish they had added a second night. If you love EDM music you HAVE TO SEE THIS SHOW!!

Check out what you missed and then kick yourself for not being there…

Ape Drums1

Ape Drums2











Bro Sa_1

Bro Sa_2

Bro Sa_3

Bro Sa_4

Bro Sa_5

Galantis takes over 9:30 Club

Written & Photography by Andrew Mangum


Hot off of their debut performance at Coachella, the power duo Galantis kicked off their North American tour at 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. last night. Opening act DJ Baronhawk got the crowd feeling loose, playing mixes and interacting with the crowd to sing along.



Once the crowd was aurally aroused, Galantis took the stage, pumping an 808 heart beat that started from a faint whisper and gradually increased into a chest rattling thump. After the heartbeat was almost too much to bear, Galantis quickly dropped the beat, and from that point on the show quickly turned into an all out SeaFox Dance Party (as Galantis would say).



Galantis is certainly etching a name for themselves in the electronic world. However, I am sure that will expand into other areas of music, especially if they continue to put on a highly energetic performance with in depth lighting ques and melodic bass that cuts right through your bones to be trapped deep in your soul.



Steve Aoki Aokify America Tour featuring Pharrell & Waka Flocka

By Renita Clarke

Let me just say that Steve Aoki knows how to put the right people together to give you a stellar concert experience. I don’t think the audience sat down one time. These guys put on a hell of a show. Who would of thought a Hip Hop & EDM concert would be so electric. I mean it was hit after hit after hit and non-stop dancing from start to finish. And let’s not even talk about Steve Aoki speakers coming to life (A MUST SEE)!

Critics didn’t think that this combo of Hip Hop and EDM would make a good concert, but apparently the critics have never seen any of these gentlemen perform. You don’t see music genre lines at all during this show. The sets blend with each other and it feels like a mini festival. This show is definitely worth every penny.

The Aokify America Tour has the freshest talent in EDM and Hip Hop music in the forefront with acts like Borgore and Waka Flocka Flame. The threesome rep their respective genres very well. Then you have hit maker and Grammy Award Winning Producer/Songwriter Pharrell just adds a cherry on an already perfect sundae. Pharrell joins the Aokify America Tour crew on selected dates, so make sure you catch one of these last shows.

Check out some of the photos of the Columbia, MD – Merriweather Post Pavilion show after the jump…

*photos courtesy of Renita Clarke


photo 2

photo 1-1 (2)

photo 4

photo 5