Galantis takes over 9:30 Club

Written & Photography by Andrew Mangum


Hot off of their debut performance at Coachella, the power duo Galantis kicked off their North American tour at 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. last night. Opening act DJ Baronhawk got the crowd feeling loose, playing mixes and interacting with the crowd to sing along.



Once the crowd was aurally aroused, Galantis took the stage, pumping an 808 heart beat that started from a faint whisper and gradually increased into a chest rattling thump. After the heartbeat was almost too much to bear, Galantis quickly dropped the beat, and from that point on the show quickly turned into an all out SeaFox Dance Party (as Galantis would say).



Galantis is certainly etching a name for themselves in the electronic world. However, I am sure that will expand into other areas of music, especially if they continue to put on a highly energetic performance with in depth lighting ques and melodic bass that cuts right through your bones to be trapped deep in your soul.



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